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Competencies without a Classroom - Episode 16 - Recap

There are so many pathways to success.

It could be a four-year degree, a 2-year degree, an apprenticeship, or like this week's guest, a co-op that turns into a summer job that inspires a career pathway.

The reality of it all is that companies are not necessarily looking for skills that are taught in school. They are in search of 21st-century skills, which you can prove with a portfolio.

Meet Jeremy Bout, the founder of Edge Factor. Jeremy is an entrepreneur, a filmmaker and above all, he loves to make things and tell stories.

Jeremy was surrounded by a community that had a lot of manufacturing opportunities, but it wasn't until someone brought him behind closed doors that he fell in love with the industry and started to build a career pathway.

Edge Factor helps students understand that within one's community there are many different ways to connect to companies and non-profits that offer opportunities to learn and grow. They make high impact films to inspire students to pull back the veil within their community through the power of storytelling and filmmaking.

In this episode, we chat about topics including:

  • What it means to embrace a culture of failure and the humble culture that this idea creates
  • How to prove your worth through a portfolio, show initiative, and be creative in the ways you do it
  • Seeking opportunities as opposed to waiting for them
  • How, through problem-solving, you can get through anything

How are you showcasing 21st-century skills with a portfolio?

Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #CompetenciesPodcast



Competency-Based Education (CBE)
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