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Core Competencies

(Grades K-12 • Cross-Curricular)

Whether it is provincial, district, school, or teacher initiated, core competencies complement the curriculum; they
truly encourage students to have a focal point in their learning. In saying this, they add an additional layer. How can
teachers ensure that they are giving students the time and space to document and reflect upon their core
competency development? Well, how about creating an Individual Space for core competencies? In doing so, core
competency development can be meaningfully and explicitly explored and shared throughout the entirety of the
school year, fostering important lessons for lifelong learning.

Digital Bookshelves for Independent Reading

(Grades K-12 • ELA)

Are you looking for strategies to cultivate a lifelong love of reading? Do you want to celebrate reading milestones? How about a new strategy to formatively assess ELA learning objectives? Digital bookshelves for independent reading are highly adaptable for supporting literacy development and are a great strategy for K-12 classrooms. Whenever students start a new book, have them add it to their Individual Space called "My Bookshelf." At the end of the school year, they will have a bookshelf that showcases all of the great literary journeys they have been on!

A Digital Reading Corner for Early Readers

(Grades K-2 • ELA)

Early readers can benefit from a review of basic skills from the year prior in addition to ongoing supplemental strategies to meet current curriculum outcomes. After determining your students’ baseline reading performance, you can implement differentiated instructions by creating a digital reading corner on Individual Spaces and assigning Activities. At the end of the school year, your students will have a visual depiction of their literacy journey!

Goal Setting

(Grades K-12 • Cross Curricular)

Goal setting. Such an important practice, but one that can be challenging without the time and space to do so. Moment of truth. Have you ever had your students set goals and then with everything else going on in the classroom put those goals on the back burner? If you answered 'yes' to this question, then you aren't alone. But this is where SpacesEDU comes in to lend a helping hand. Whether this is a personal or district initiative, making goal setting visible and giving students the opportunity to document challenges, evidence, and success will take goal setting to the next

Student Led Conferences

(Grades K-12 • Cross Curricular)

Student Led Conferences (SLCs) are an exciting opportunity for students to truly take the lead and demonstrate their growth. It's also an opportunity for teachers to showcase the amazing activities they are doing in their class! SLCs can take significant time and planning, but if SpacesEDU has been regularly utilized, gathering evidence of learning in a dedicated SLC Space is easy; students can copy previously completed Posts into their newly created Student Led Conference Space. From there, students can reflect prior to conferences, or even in real-time with their family.

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